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Blue Grass Baseball Experience
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BBE; A Customer-Service driven entity that is dedicated to promoting Baseball in Kentucky and the surrounding regions, creating a more positive and efficient platform for our High School Players and our College Coaches, while also standing at the forefront of camp/showcase innovation, supreme quality of product/recruiting information/motivation/direction. Genuine investment and care for our Customers is apparent and plentiful, providing Servant Leadership through our camp product.

The “EXPERIENCE” is like no other event out there…and that’s exactly where we want to be!

BBE was birthed out of necessity…seeing Players & their Families inundated with thousands of camp invites, plenty of misinformation and empty pocketbooks, with no one providing real direction and help with the entire recruiting process.

At each of our events, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence and performance with our Players & Families always in mind. We will consistently be on the lowest end of cost but securely at the highest end of integrity and substance.

Your dollar goes farther, your best interests are protected, your satisfaction is guaranteed!


  • Real “Bang for your Buck” – get MORE for your investment!
  • Real Evaluation with 15+ College Coaches in Attendance –#BeSeenLIVE
  • Positive and Efficient Environment - pressure-free stage for our players, always active, zero time wasted!
  • Wealth of Information – recruiting seminars, motivational talks, performance enhancement techniques, etc.
  • Recruiting Resource Moving Forward – attend one of our events and we are always on call for advice, information, direction…goes well beyond the event!

On behalf of the entire BBE Staff, THANK YOU for your interest in our Bluegrass Baseball Experience events! Come see the difference for yourself – the “Experience” is waiting for YOU at the ballpark!

Jeremy Sheetinger, Owner
“Coach Sheets”