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Blue Grass Baseball Experience
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To learn more about the Bluegrass Baseball Experience, Click Here!
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To learn more about the Bluegrass Baseball Experience, Click Here!
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BBE Events are designed for the serious High School Player who wants to grow and develop as a baseball player while displaying his skill set for the College Coaches and MLB scouts in attendance. Our events are perfect for: the family that wants cost-efficient exposure to college coaches, needs quality, proven recruiting information and advice to help find their right fit & a camp group that they can trust – with their best interests always at the forefront!

We work diligently to provide REAL “Bang for your Buck” – giving much more than the cost of our events! BBE will always be on the low end of cost but always provides the highest quality “experience” of the aspects that matter in this process:

  • COACHES IN ATTENDANCE - Demonstrate your abilities in front of College Coaches and MLB Scouts – real-time evaluation, coaches/scouts must SEE you to RECRUIT you…10 Colleges in Attendance!
  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT - Put your best foot forward always; BBE creates a super-positive environment that eliminates the “pressure to perform” that most events have, while giving our players critical feedback, pointers, advice on how to perform at their very best!
  • PLAYER DEVELOPMENT – utilizing formats that cannot be equaled, we provide our players far more than just “showcasing”…unlike the others - we TEACH THE GAME and its fundamentals, we help create better prepared players and enhance their passion for our game.
  • BLUE COLLAR APPROACH - highly organized and efficient environment at each event, WE GO TO WORK! Eliminating “down time” is key, always somewhere to be on the field, something to learn and work on! We maximize our time together!
  • PREPARATION FOR THE RECRUITING PROCESS – our greatest reward is preparing our families for finding their right fit for college; Recruiting Seminars and Discussions, Customer Service well past the date of the event

Our Customers – Players & their families AND our College Coaches – are paramount to the success of our events. We work FOR YOU…and will provide an “EXPERIENCE” unlike any other out there!

Upcoming Events
 BBE Prospect Development Event @ Highlands High School November 3rd, 2018 REGISTER

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