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BBE Powered By: Diamond Kinetics & Swing Tracker

Bluegrass Baseball Experience is excited to announce our partnership with Diamond Kinetics® and SwingTrackerDiamond Kinetics is on the cutting edge of swing analytics and is used at all levels of the game from youth amateur through the highest levels of professional baseball. 

We will be using Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker sensor and mobile application at our events to capture and provide you the most scientific and precise measurement of swing mechanics that exists today.

SwingTracker measures 11 different metrics of the swing, compares them to 7 different skill level databases (Youth through Professional), and then summarizes and scores each swing overall and on the four key aspects of hitting.  The specific metrics include:


  • Max Hand Speed = maximum speed of your hands during the swing.
  • Max Barrel Speed = the maximum speed at which the barrel of the bat moves during your swing.
  • Speed Efficiency = the percentage of the Max Barrel Speed that occurs at the moment of impact with the ball.
  • Forward Bat Speed = speed of the bat’s barrel directed at the pitcher at the moment of impact with the ball.


  • Applied Power = the average power that you apply to the bat, during the swing, with your hands and body.
  • Maximum Acceleration = how quickly a batter speeds up their swing from start until impact with the ball.
  • Impact Momentum = amount of momentum in the bat when the bat makes contact with the ball. This is a key predictor of ball exit velocity.


  • Trigger To Impact = amount of time from the start of your forward bat motion (launch) until impact with the ball.


  • Distance In The Zone = the distance the barrel of the bat travels when it is at an angle at which the batter can make contact with a pitch and hit a fair ball.
  • Hand Cast Distance = the distance the hands move away from the starting point of the swing until impact with the ball.
  • Approach Angle = this metric assesses the direction the barrel of the bat is moving, relative to the ground, at the moment precisely before contact.  For instance, a -15 degree Approach Angle is a downward ‘chop’.

In addition to the swing data will be able to see an exact 3D model of your swing plane/path and overlay two swings together to compare them.

After the event you will receive your results in any one of two ways:

  1. Download the SwingTracker Baseball iOS mobile application from the App Store and log in using the email under which you registered for the event and the password “temporary”.
  2. You can also access your information via DiamondCLUB ( where you can log in using the email under which you registered for the event and the password “temporary”.

We encourage you to purchase your own SwingTracker sensor at so you can work on your own to develop your swing.  Each sensor purchase includes a free 12-Month subscription to DiamondCLUB and access to all the features of SwingTracker.  Save $10 and receive Free Shipping by entering the coupon code “Experience” when you place your order. 

By having your own SwingTracker sensor you will be able to:

  • Add swings to your profile and track your progress over time
  • Compare your swings to real-time databases of players at 7 different skill levels
  • Connect with your friends and coaches
  • Use the video feature to complete your swing analysis
  • Join groups of players and compete on leaderboards
  • Use the 3D model drills to improve your swing

Check out or the Diamond Kinetics YouTube channel for a detailed view of SwingTracker and how to use.