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“Coach Sheets - I just wanted to say that you made my first showcase, as a sophomore, beyond memorable and you can expect me to be at more of your camps and showcases for years to come!”

- Jordan Lacy, 2018 DeSales HS

“Coach, you are on to something that is sorely needed - Real Showcase at a reasonable price and Real results! I honestly feel like I wasted our time and money on the other Showcases and Prospect Camps we have been to…Best Showcase we have ever experienced and would recommend to anybody. Keep up the great work and I’m pulling for you to become a huge success.“

- Mike Schwartz, father of Decker Schwartz, 2016 Covington Catholic HS

“I thought it was a great experience! I had a blast! Definitely something I would recommend to any baseball player that wants to compete at the next level! Thanks to all the coaches!”

- Trey Early, 2016 Harlan County HS

“I am going to go ahead and speak for my son and say that this was a great experience. I know we will continue to be involved and support what you are doing! Great job, keep it up!”

- Chris Schwalbach, father of Cooper Schwalbach, 2019 Highlands HS

“Coach - wanted to congratulate you on a job well done, as I had basically given up on camps as money grabs…THIS was the exception! It was well run, the instruction was good, the college coaches were actually there and your yoga session and “no bull” talks may have been the best part. Thanks again!”

- Barry Robinette, father of Mason Robinette, 2016 Woodford County HS

"Thank you so much for the event this past weekend. My son has participated in several events offered by various organizers. But I can honestly say your event doesn't take a backseat to anyone…The event is very well organized and ran with professionalism. The information presented to the player and his family was worth attending even if one doesn't participate in the showcase activities. Thanks again for a first class showcase!"

- Tommy Buford, father of Peyton Buford, 2016 Corbin HS

"Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for this weekend. As a parent what we ask for from an event is value and exposure. Your camp gave us this and more. With coaches from 14 schools in attendance and a wonderfully ran camp at a great price I couldn't have asked for more. My son Braden said it was the best thing he has ever done and we've been to some others that were 3 times more expensive. We definitely plan to attend another camp next year. Thanks Again!"

- Roy Wyatt, father of Braden Wyatt, 2017 Boyd County HS

"Coach, Colby absolutely loved the experience today!  Thank you and your staff.  I told your staff that I had wasted away a lot more money than that for very little feedback! We will be recommending this experience for future events to everyone we know.  Colby will definitely be seeing you at your future events!  Thanks again for everything! He already told us he wants to attend every camp that you put on!!!  Excellent, Excellent JOB!"

- Dean Howard, father of Colby Howard, 2020 Clay County HS

"It was nice meeting you this weekend. Yesterday was an absolutely amazing thing for the kids and baseball itself in this area. I am a believer in what you guys are trying to do and if you ever need another facility in this area for the summer series or whatever, Corbin HS is yours. Thanks!"

-Cody Philpot, Head Baseball Coach, Corbin HS

"We made it back home to Johnson County a couple of hours ago, and Jacob is still talking about his afternoon.  I can't thank you enough for what you and your staff did with the players today, but even more important, your words of motivation and encouragement to the players as well as the parents.  Your positive attitude shines; making the guys feel like maybe it really is possible to get to play college level baseball. Thanks again!"

- Shauna Patton, mother of Jacob Patton, 2017 Johnson Central HS

"Coach Sheets - We had a great time and would highly recommend this camp to anybody. We loved your energy and your talks were second to none. Thanks for not sugar coating anything about the whole process about playing college baseball. Hope to see you at another camp. We would rate it an A+ experience."

- Ted Franzen, father of Alex Franzen, 2016 Campbell County HS

"Coach Sheets - I just wanted to let you know what a great event that Bluegrass Baseball Experience provided on October 17th.  My son, Zach attended as his first experience with a high school baseball showcase event.  He had a great time and learned a lot.  He now has some numbers that we can use as a baseline and he knows what he has to work on to have an opportunity to play at the next level."

"You and your staff were great.  The positive environment helped keep nerves calm so kids could perform better.  All aspects of the experience were highly organized.  Things were kept moving from one skill set to the next.  No time was spent standing around waiting for something to happen or to be told where to go next.  Everything was clearly communicated to both players and parents.  The talks were very informative and you did a fantastic job in keeping everyone's attention.  I loved the passion and energy that you showed in your discussion of the X-factor and the presentation on recruiting."

"I would highly recommend the Bluegrass Baseball Experience to anyone with a son who is wanting to showcase his skills and to have the opportunity to be seen by some college coaches.  It was a great experience and my son will definitely attend again."

- Dave Hamberg, father of Zach Hamberg, 2017 Bishop Brossart HS

"Coach Sheetinger - Thanks so much for a great experience Saturday. My son Trevor has done more of these camps than I can count, in numerous states around the region, and he and I both agreed that the BBE camp on Saturday was the most positive, efficiently organized inspirational event that he has attended. We have paid MUCH more and traveled MUCH further for far less of an experience. He actually had fun at this camp! These events are usually pressure-filled events but from the moment that you spoke to the campers the first thing Saturday morning, he was relaxed, and he really enjoyed himself. He fed off of your positive energy all day long. I can't thank you enough for that. A parent of one of his high school team mates, who was also in attendance, spoke to me yesterday about their experience, and he and his son felt the same way. Trevor even told his team mates at practice yesterday about what a great experience that they missed out on by not attending. We really just can't say enough about what a great time we had."

"Trevor and I both have a great deal of respect for you, after having met you and went through Saturday with you. It was an absolutely great camp, and we thank you so much. Keep up the great work that you are doing for these kids and we hope to see you again soon."

- Brian Allen, father of Trevor Allen, 2017 Mercer County HS

"I was super impressed with the event as a parent of a ball player.  The recruiting information was very helpful.  It reinforced some of what I have been telling my own ball player…My son and I came away encouraged that baseball at the collegiate level could be in his future. From my son's perspective, he has attended a couple of camps for baseball so far.  He was impressed with the focus on recruitment and the number of colleges represented. Thanks so much for this opportunity.  We hope to see you again next year!"

- April Kilgore, mother of Jared Kilgore, 2017 Berea HS

"Coach Sheets - We have been to several showcases and as far as getting the most bang for your buck the BBE beats them all.  I liked the number of coaches representing different colleges and their accessibility to the kids and parents. You did a great job bringing a positive and motivating approach to the event.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge as our son really enjoyed the event!"

 "Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know what a great job you and everyone involved did for the success of the event.  Hope to see you again sometime during his college search."

- Marc Wood, father of Garryn Wood, 2017 Franklin County HS

"This was my sons first show case and was truly a great experience!!!! It's the most organized event I've ever been to of any kind. Extremely motivating talks that had players and parents fired up! I would like thank Mr. Sheetinger, his staff and all the college coaches that took their time to look at all the kids and to give them a chance to succeed in there future!!!"

- Kevin Jenkins, father of Dylan Jenkins, 2018 Bryan Station HS

"I am SO impressed with what we experienced Saturday! Corban is my third son to play baseball so I've been to several showcases and camps and this one was heads and shoulders above any I have been to.  The communication between parent and player from registration to today has been excellent.  The showcase was well organized, ran on time and was jammed packed with great information.  It was obvious from the very beginning that your main concern was the boys and not making a dollar and for this mother that means everything."

"Plus the bang for the buck was amazing! Corban said he had a blast! We have already told two players from our summer team that live in the South Laurel area about your upcoming event and highly recommended it.  I know you said in your speech to keep the e-mails short but I have so many good things to say this IS the edited version.  Feel free to use as much of this as you want. Thanks again for a GREAT experience!"

- Scott & Laura Ellis, parents of Corban Ellis, 2017 Bryan Station HS

"My son attended your event Saturday at Dunbar High in Lexington. I wanted to say thank you so much to you and your team. It is, by far, the best experience he and I have had doing showcases. I was impressed with your structure and organization. The showcase flowed well and the information was fantastic. Your team was outstanding. Thank you again. I hope he will have other opportunities to participate in more showcases and events with Bluegrass Baseball Experience."

- Sandra Pierce, mother of Jared Pierce, 2017 Henry Clay HS

"Coach Sheets - My son, Conner, attended your camp last Saturday.  I just wanted to let you know what a great experience he (we) had.  We spoke about it for most of our ride back to Northern Kentucky.  From the information provided, to the training and overall organization, it was 'Top Notch'.  Conner thanked me at least 10x for encouraging him to attend and taking him down to Dunbar."

"Thanks again for a very positive experience from both Conner and myself.  He has already asked me if he could attend the next camp on Nov. 7th. Have a great day. It's time to go be awesome!"

- Jim Kreeger, father of Connor Kreeger, 2016 Highlands HS

"Coach Sheets - I appreciate the enthusiasm, effort and attitude you shared with me and my son, and the other folks in Lexington. The first thing Connor told me when we got into the car for the ride home was, 'that was fun.'   That's awesome.  That tells me he enjoyed it, but it also tells me he wants to continue to play the game for many years to come. Thanks again!"

- Brad Knoop, father of Connor Knoop, 2018 Louisville Male HS

"Coach Sheets - Just wanted to thank you for a great camp experience for my son today. I've been a high school coach for the last 25 years in Northern Kentucky, the last 20 as an assistant at CovCath."

"I've been to quite a few of these camps, as a casual observer to see how they work and now as a father. You guys run a heck of a camp. Many camps I've been to are cold, sterile without much personal interaction. You and your staff were high energy and provided a lot of instruction."

"But most importantly, you and your staff made an effort to identify the kids you had by name and not by the number on their back. I left the house at 6:30 this morning to bring a couple of CovCath kids to your camp and would do it again tomorrow!"

- Tom Eckerle, Assistant Coach Covington Catholic HS

- Brad Knoop, father of Connor Knoop, 2018 Louisville Male HS

"I want to tell you again how much I appreciate your honest and straightforward approach! I think you have impeccable character and I am so thankful our paths crossed. You are a trusted voice of reason when players and their parents can be swayed by their desire to move to the next level that they might not think straight. You are always there for us to run to and answer our questions so quickly!

- Laura Ellis, mother of Corban Ellis, 2017 Bryan Station HS